A Guide to Posting Your Free Ad On Craigslist

Craigslist is an ideal online marketplace for both buyers and sellers looking to buy or sell specific products or services. From used furniture, clothes to car repair, Craigslist is a marketing tool worth considering. In fact, both online and offline businesses are beginning to realize the marketing potential of Craigslist.org. This article is a basic guide to posting your ad to Craigslist.

About Craigslist

Craigslist was founded in 1996 and currently receives over 10 million visitors daily thus connecting buyers and sellers in more than 300 communities but most importantly, it is absolutely free to post ad on Craigslist. This site is designed in a classified ads format that is organized by city or region thus offering user convenience. Craigslist hosts all sorts of ads including some extremely weird ones but for business owners who want to stand out, they can make use of this free platform to do so.

The Do’s of Craigslist

Writing a perfect Craigslist ad is all about captivating your audience with a catchy headline and concise detail that hooks the audience to the end. It is therefore necessary to craft information-dense headlines that go direct to the point. Your headline should be the bait that draws all the attention to your piece and should include all the important information. For example if you are selling cars, it is probably a good idea to mention the model, color and other relevant details in your headline in very few words.

On the other hand, if you provide services, go beyond mentioning what you offer and explain what is in it for them or simply how the product will meet their specific needs. The visitors already know what they want hence you should try to make them understand how they will benefit from doing business with you. Besides writing a good headline, the body should also equally deliver as you do not want visitors to click on your great headline only to end up disappointed with the content. Simply outline your products or services in a clear and concise manner by outlining exactly what you offer in the least amount of words.

When writing your business ad, it is important that you keep it short and simple since Craigslist visitors will be sifting through several other similar ads. While it is quite in order to write an eloquent and compelling story, bullet points and lists are most preferred when writing an ad to be posted on this utilitarian platform. Do not waste the visitor’s time by making them hunt for information that is not readily available. Go straight to the point with a short and punchy introduction that basically highlights the most important details about your products or services.

It is advisable to include quality HD images when trying to sell on Craigslist as visitors will rarely click on ad without pictures which means that nobody will buy your products. Ensure that you include at least one high quality images that highlights your products and services in the most detailed and specific way possible. This will also give you a good first impression in the eyes of potential customers. Images are a good way to capture the attention of visitors but they should be small in size or 850 pixels wide which is the standard image size allowed by Craigslist.

Craigslist works by connecting users and ads within a particular location hence is it also important to focus on locality when posting your ad on this site. Visitors are often searching for particular products or services based on certain keywords. For instance, someone looking for car repair services will most likely search for ads that cater to their city or region thus including a region or city in your ad description or headline will ensure that you target the right customers.

The Don’ts of Craigslist

Do not let your business ad on Craigslist look like spam. For instance writing your ad in FULL CAPS or including some random symbols that make your ad look unprofessional. While this may seem like a trendy way to stand-out, it may put you and your company in bad light and prospects may just dismiss you without a second thought. Cheap tricks will never attract visitors to your ads, on the contrary they will put them off in an instance.

While posting your ad on Craigslist, ensure that you follow all the rules as Craigslist’s users are not keen on businesses that do not follow guidelines. The users will quickly flag you down as a spam control measure that lies squarely in the hands of Craigslist’s users.


Craigslist Will Flag or Freeze Networking Ads!!!

How To Post Your Ad To Craigslist

Create A Craigslist Account For Free Then Advertise Under

Jobs – Gigs/Labor, Small Biz ALL For FREE!

The Larger Better Audiences Are Under Job/Sales, Usually A $35 Fee.

To Minimize Flagging, Start With Just ONE Ad, Then Post 2 Ads Per -Craigslist Account Every 72 Hours;

(Important Note: you can not use your link/url in the body of your  add or you will be Flagged by Craigslist you have to get the prospects to phone you).

Basically Craigslist doesn’t like Networking ads so what you have to do is disguise your ad. I’m not saying tell a lie, what I’m saying is just disguise it slightly so it doesn’t get flagged as spam. And don’t put your link/URL into the body of the ad this will definitely have your ad flagged.


Your Ad Title Should Look Something Like This:

*** Help Wanted Full or Part Time ***

Your Ad Body Content Should Look Like:

Help Wanted Work From Home With Niche Market!
Earn Anywhere between $500 To $30,000 Per Month
Work Full-Time or Part-Time at Your Own Pace
No Competition! No Travel, N0 Selling, No Hazzles!

Then When The Viewer Responds To Your Phone Number you can connect with them immediately or send them to voicemail,

(You May Also Use A FREE Google Phone Number With Your Gmail)

Have Your Voicemail Greeting And An OPTIONAL Auto Reply

Text Message App Downloaded On Your Smartphone To Reply With The Following Message:

How To Post Your Ad To Craigslist;

1. Visit Craigslist.org homepage

2. Click on the “Post to classifieds” tab

3. Choose a category  Jobs – Gigs/Labor for your post

4. Write the text for your ad including title and description

5. Then click “Continue”

6. You can add images if you wish

7. Confirm and submit

8. Click on the confirmation link in your email to complete the process

Hope this helps you!

      Click This Image To  Post To Craigslist.

Pay per Click Advertising

The Simplest Guide to Understanding Pay per Click Advertising

Pay Per Click advertising, also known as PPC or SEM (search engine marketing), is a huge industry that is widely utilized by both small and large companies from around the globe. Over 91% of large corporations spend over $500,000 on a yearly basis on pay per click advertising  Even small business owners are coming increasingly aware of the power of PPC marketing, investing more and more in short term pay per click strategies.

To make it easier for you to understand what pay per click is like, I will showcase some of my experiences in this industry, pointing out some mistakes I’ve made along the way together with a few accomplishments that have propelled me forward and made me leverage the power of this marketing technique for my company.

What is PPC?

Essentially, pay per click is a marketing model that enables you as an advertiser to promote your brand, products or services to your prospects who are interested in what you have to offer. As an advertiser, you are only charged when a prospect clicks your link, visits your site or accepts your offer.

With PPC, you pay money to get ahead of your direct competitors and get listed in front of your potential customers. At the other side of the spectrum, SEO (Search engine optimization) ranks your website organically on Google and helps you get free organic traffic.

Types of PPC Campaigns

While in the past people used to refer only to Google when talking about PPC campaigns, today the wide concept of PPC or SEM features many other platforms, including YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn and even Twitter. You can also use display and retargeting campaigns to get in front of your prospects with ease.

Basically, you have multiple channels you can use to reach your target audience. As for the types of PPC campaigns used, each vendor has its separate settings you can use. For instance, on Google AdWords you can create ads for the search or display networks, or you can try designing
video, mobile or call-only ads to reach specific customers on Google’s partner network. Remarketing campaigns are also an excellent way to get your message in front of people interested in your business, and convince them to come back on your site and buy from you.

On Facebook, you can create a wide range of campaigns in order to meet your goals. You can send people to your website, grow your business page with links, boost posts, promote an event, marketing an app or reach new people through Facebook’s new brand awareness tool.

You can practically do PPC on almost all social networks now, and on hundreds of other large sites. The marketing possibilities are endless. However, I strongly recommend to start with Facebook and Google for B2C and LinkedIn, Facebook and Google for B2B companies.

PPC is not just about Google, and it’s definitely not just about keywords. For instance, on Facebook you can target people by interests, age, location and search preferences. Google only allows you to target your audience by location.

Benefits of PPC

PPC gives you the unique opportunity to drive targeted traffic to your site extremely fast. You can create a well-designed PPC campaign in less than a few hours with enough skill, and your ads will start showing within minutes. PPC allows you to boost your brand visibility and promote your company locally.

Through PPC advertising, you can generate a reliable stream of income. For instance, our company generated over 70% of the profit through PPC in the first year, until the website got to the first search page on Google.

Another reason to start investing in PPC today is that Google, Facebook and other advertisement platforms are offering  special benefits to long-term advertisers, which come in form of incentives, reduced cost, higher ranking, better bidding positions and minimum ROI guaranteed.

PPC – Invest in the Future

With PPC, you are investing in the future of your company. Become an expert in PPC and SEM and take your company to the next level.

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Social Media Advertising Tricks

By now you must have known that social media is more than just a platform for interacting with your old friends. Social media is an excellent hub for marketing your product, building brand awareness and grabbing a couple of customers. If you are still stuck to traditional methods of advertising, then you are missing it out big. Unlike traditional ways of advertising that can drain your budget, social media advertising is cost-effective, convenient and reaches many clients at a go. Ideally, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram are flooded with millions of customers. In fact, the number of people joining the social media platform increases daily. Why can’t you take the advantage of this valuable platform and build your brand recognition?

Social media advertising is a mainstream of communication and a discrete driver of both sales and leads especially when you do it correctly. However, to yield tangible results and be on par with other successful companies, you need to understand the concepts tricks and secrets behind social media advertising. Wondering how you can make the first move and give your tight business advertising a break situation? Here is a compilation of the top social media advertising tips.

Stay updated with the changing guidelines of Facebook

Recently, there has been a change in Facebook’s algorithm that turned tables on Facebook advertising. They have updated the rules on how you can run promotions. Now, you are allowed to run promotions by using third party apps or on your profile. Additionally, you are not authorized to use the functionality of features of Facebook for entry mechanism or registration. Winners are notified on Facebook via message, chat or by posting on their timelines. In case you are a frequent user of Facebook, it is critical to know that things keep on changing with time.

Be creative, come up with great content

Great content here means that which converts to sales. Whenever you think of using social media to pass your message, sit down and create a compelling, engaging and exciting content for your fans. Fans will want to share your great content, hence, becomes easy to increase your internet exposure. Additionally, when you come with quality content, readers will constantly be looking forward to reading what you post. Moreover, they will quickly fall in love with your products.

If it means posting, post regularly

Social media posting is not a one-time phenomenon. Sporadic posting won’t guarantee you success in social media advertising. Research shows that posting regularly helps push your message into the minds of your customers. It also convinces them to make clicks and visit your site and make a purchase. However, when doing this, you need to do it intelligently and limit your posts so as to avoid overwhelming your readers. Posting three-five times in a day is a good number to post. Again, learn to develop posts with new content. A client that starts following you will find it worth and will be interested in your products. Ideally, social media advertising is all about making your customer come back again and again.

Additionally, be consistent in all your messages across the various platforms. If you send out mixed messages, you can end up passing misleading messages. For instance, posting wrong prices can confuse and scare away your customers. Consistency in all your accounts is paramount.

Understand your target audience

It is no wonder that your social media advertising can fail if you don’t know your target audience. Generic ads that target no one, in particular, can end up moving with the wind regardless of how expensive you may have invested in. Paid social media ads give you a chance to focus on a particular group of companies and individuals. Each and every campaign you come up with should have a message that targets a single group of customers and speaks to them directly.

Design your ads to suit all devices

It is no secret that a huge percentage of fans use their smartphones to visit their social media pages. What does this mean? Whenever you sit to design your ads, consider the mobile users as well. When your ads are visible via mobile devices, it becomes easy to increase the exposure of your message. Lately, Twitter introduced a feature that enables paid tweets to your targeted clients. Therefore, this is a significant advantage you can utilize. There are several types of ads you can consider. Among the common types include the page like ads, page post engagement, click to sites, video views, and web conversions.

Don’t forget search engine optimization

Your site needs to rank as the best among the competitors. One approach of doing this is through link building. However, the process can be challenging, but you need to employ if you want to increase your search engine ranking. There are several approaches you can utilize to enhance the search results in your ranking such as keyword research and tagging. Though it can take some time before realizing the results, it is worth investing in.

Use YouTube pop-ups to gain more subscribers

This is a great tip if you use YouTube as a marketing platform. Pop-ups can increase the number of subscribers to your channel. It is pretty simple as all you have to do is add a couple of text at the end of your URL. It is a good way of developing highly targeted subscribers at a low cost. Learn to establish relationships with your clients on social media and let them do the marketing for you by sharing your content.

Provide full links of your URL

You need to direct your customers well. It involves giving them full URLs of your website to learn more about what you offer. Proper landing pages for your targeted clients increase visitors as well as conversions on your site.

Social media advertising is desirable because it complements easily with other marketing programs. By understanding the mentality of your consumers and practicing simple tricks, it can be easy for you to realize your goals. Social media is a compelling advertising platform you can use to transform the success of your business. Time has changed, and you need to rely not on traditional marketing techniques. Consider investing in social media advertising as well.

The Must-Know Email Marketing Spam Policies

If you are planning to start or have started an online business, then you must have thought about online marketing and advertising.

Online marketing enables you to increase traffic to your site which results in more customers.

However, with the internet use growing at a high rate, the crimes on the web are on the rise.

People are exploiting the platform in the wrong way.

One of the most popular online malpractice is spamming.

So, what exactly is spamming?

Spamming result from the term spam.

Spam, also known as unwanted mass e-mail, unsolicited junk electronic mail or undesired commercial e-mail is a message used to advertise or market goods or some services to a person without their consent or a clear relationship with them.

Spam definition includes the following:

Messages sent excessively to Usenet and other message boards which are not related to the subject of discussion.

Email messages sent to a person whom the sender does not have any personal or business relationship, or has not requested the email.

With many companies using spams to exploit online marketing
channel, laws have been developed to counter these irregularities.

This legislation and policies play a significant role in
controlling undesired pornography and unhealthy online marketing.

To ensure you are always on the right side of the law, and
to avoid irritating your customers and the general public with email marketing, it’s paramount that you learn and implement these legal stipulations.

Keep in mind that it will cost you $16000 for every illegal e-mail sent!

Rules will always be rules, and they need to be followed.

Below are the ten spam policies on Email marketing that you should learn and implement:


This entails the customer opting in. The customers should
first provide you with a go-ahead. The consent can be written or oral. The
written agreement should include a web form in which the customer ticks a

Never think of starting the emailing process to a client without their consent. This would be breaking the law.


A header, helps a customer to know the origin of the message. Therefore, your “TO”,”FROM”, “REPLY TO” should strictly reflect your company or the person sending the message.

The routing information used should also be genuine and transparent. It should entail email address and the domain name.


People who are used to spamming, understand that a catchy subject line, is a genius way to attract recipients attention, such as the famous “you are the winner.”

According to the law, the subject line must be in line with the content of the email message.

For example, if you message entails a 10% offer to the customer, then your subject line should not suggest otherwise.


Experienced customers often assume adverts. They can identify them and immediately ignore them.

Having understood this, marketers are coming up with techniques to make their adverts less inconspicuous and to make them look like  recommendations rather than adverts.

However, the law requires you to let your customer know that your email is meant to advertise.

Always make sure that you are not deceiving the clients.


Your message must be accompanied by a right postal address. This can be your street address or your home address if you work in your home
area. A home address can be the post office box that you’ve acquired from your country’s postal services or a private mailbox received from a private mail service company.

This provides your customers with an alternate way to consult you.

It also builds trust by proves that your company is real.


A customer has the right to choose to receive as well as to stop receiving emails from you.

It is required that you inform your clients that they are free to opt-out and stop receiving emails from you.

It is also your responsibility to provide clear guidelines on how to stop these emails.

Come up with clear and accessible unsubscribe links and messages. Make it an easy process for your customers.

It is also required that you provide the “no communication” choice for your clients in the communication options’ menu.


The unsubscribe requests should be honored within ten working days.

Always ensure that the spam filter is not blocking unsubscribe requests.

The unsubscribe mechanism employed should be in a position to receive and process these requests for more than 30 working days after sending the message to the customer.

Unsubscribing should be very easy.

No fee should be charged, and no intense identification should apply.

The customer’s data should not be moved or accessed by any other person outside your company.


If you are thinking of hiring a company to do your email marketing, always be very cautious.

This is imperative because, once things go wrong, you can’t blame someone else.

The company must be legally registered and approved to do email marketing.


The law stipulates a commercial email as:

“An electronic mail whose primary use is in commercial advertisement and popularization of business products and services.”

The spam policies and laws mainly apply to the business type of emails.

Relationship and transactional emails are not too restricted.

When sending transactional or relational emails, you only need to include valid router information.

Be very cautious not to include any advertisement messages in these types of emails. This could turn them to commercial emails.

Also, the final destination of the mail determines its type.

If the mail redirects your recipient to your site, this makes it commercial.


The law allows you to include links in the emails that allow your customer to forward the mail to a friend as a referral.

However, if you decide to allure your customers to forward the message by including prizes such as discounts, then you put yourself responsible.

If you don’t honor these promises, then you could find yourself on the wrong side of the law.

All these spam policies and legislation are very crucial and need to be adhered to if you are thinking of succeeding in your online business.

It is unhealthy to be a spammer.

It spoils your reputation among customers and the industry at large.

Don’t be the one to spoil the reputation of emailing and search engines.

Tips on How to Keep Motivated and Focused on Your Online Business

Are you in online business? Are you looking for a business opportunity to flourish? Do you want to keep motivated yourself? Motivation and strong determination are two secrets of the success. If you want to go ahead and progress then you will have to motivate yourself all the time. There were many ways to keep focused on your goal. You can motivate yourself by adopting a right approach towards the life and engaging in some inspirational activities. No one can motivate you. It is an inner feeling; you will have to feel positive and determined to be motivated.

Do you want to keep focused? Do you want to reach the top of the success? If yes, then consider, the following tips to energize your body and mind that will motivate you to achieve your dream.

1. Set achievable goals

Without planning and goals, you cannot prosper in your internet business online. You will have to set achievable dreams that might be short-term goals and long-term planning. Set a deadline. This is important; if you want to motivate yourself to achieve that goal. A specific time limit can motivate you to finish the job more quickly. Track the progress records. If you will be able to achieve that goal within the specified time, you will certainly feel motivated. And it will inspire you to take the challenging jobs. Success is the first step of the motivation.

2. Follow a routine

Discipline is one the key principles of the success. To motivate yourself, you will have to follow a routine life. That will help your body and mind to be alert and to prepare you for a disciplined life. And always start your morning by refining your plan and consider eight hours dedicated work time. That will be enough to achieve your goals. Be concentrated and focus on your business during these times. No personal work and entertainment during the office time.

3. Give some time to yourself

Your body and mind need rest. You cannot continuously work for the eight hours. You will have to take time for the relaxation and that should not come within your eight-hour schedule. Take a break for a walk, meditation, and you can chat with your colleagues. This break can help to concentrate on your work more efficiently.

4. Stay positive

Staying positive is more powerful than a healing medicine. If you stay positive, it will be easier to handle the most difficult task without any complication. A positive mind always remains focused and determined. To keep yourself positive, practice some yoga, spend quality time with your family, and always avoid the negative surroundings.

5. Learn from your mistakes

Nobody is perfect in this world. As a human, you are bound to make mistakes. You need to understand this simple logic. And you should not feel bad for mistakes. In fact, you should learn from your mistakes so that you will not repeat it in future. You should focus on finding the solution instead of regretting the mistakes.

6. Avoid comparisons

The comparison is one of the drawbacks that can truly harm you. You should not follow others step and should not judge others progress. You should focus on your goals and try to improve your conditions. Your continuous effort and dedication can help to achieve the impossible goals. You just need to keep focused.

7. Get an inspiration

To keep yourself motivated, you will have to find an inspiration. You can follow the step of your ideal. You can associate yourself with some inspirational activities so that you will be able to learn from the others experience.

8. Take enough rest

An exhausted body and mind cannot motivate you to make good plans. Seven hours sleep is required to keep your body energetic and motivated. Without sleep and rest, you will find it difficult to achieve your goal and to cope up with your business demands.

9. Reward yourself

Whenever you achieve your goal, you need to celebrate it to reward yourself. You should take credit for your hard work and should celebrate it with your family and staff that will motivate you to set new goals.

Motivation is not a goal. It is an inner feeling that gives strength to achieve more and to keep focused. Achievements, positive mind, and dedication etc can keep you motivated forever.

Your Untapped Market – Off-Line Marketing

Its only human nature to follow the “crowd” and it happens in all walks of
life including marketing. When starting your business you get your website up and running and then it’s a case of how am I going to get traffic to my site.

How am I going to market my site.

You already know the answer. You have surfed the net and come across such things as Google AdWords with search engine optimization and pay per click. E-mail marketing, directory submission, link building. The list goes  on.

Everybody else is doing it so it must be good, it must be the way to market your business.

There’s nothing wrong with marketing on-line, it does work, but….. Look at the competition you have. Look at the costs involved. For example, Google AdWords, what a great concept. Well to start with it was. Now, everybody is doing it the price of keywords is such that it’s a case of the more money you have to throw at it the better you will do.

That’s okay if you’re a large company. But for a one man/woman business it’s not always cost effective.

Consider an alternative. Off-line Marketing. Its relatively cheap, no competition and there are many ways to reach potential customers. Business cards, flyers, postcards/drop-cards, car stickers, lawn signs, rubber stamps, window decals.

The list goes on.

These methods are grass roots marketing. This is how people would promote their business before the internet came along. In fact I know of one husband and wife couple who would use these methods to promote their business, and… they even had a huge banner, over 8 feet long hanging on their front garden fence promoting their business. Needless to say their monthly income is now over $27,000/month.

Take a look at your local area. Where would the “hot spots” be? Well it’s your local area so only you can answer that. I live in a seaside resort, every week during the summer months there is a huge influx of people on vacation. I simply go round the car parks and tuck a business card between the glass and the rubber seal on the driver’s window.

Getting out and about with grass root marketing also has the added benefit of giving you good exercise. And, if you’re the outgoing type of person meeting people face to face and just talking can bring results, and friendships.

Whether you decide to market on-line or off-line you will still have to invest your time and money to generate traffic. You have to decide which is the most cost effective for you.

Off-line methods of advertising

While it’s true that internet marketing brings a lot of advantages, it’s not wise to neglect off line methods altogether. While it’s true that more and more people are using the internet, internet penetration is far from universal and complete. The best advertising strategy is still an amalgamation of both online and off line techniques. The following is an enumeration of some cheap or free marketing off-line methods of advertising.

Business Card Advertising

Among all off line methods of advertising, this is perhaps the cheapest. If you don’t wish to pay others to do them for you, you can make your business cards yourself with the help of a good concept, a reliable graphics editor, a color printer, and special paper.

Aside from being inexpensive, business cards are pretty powerful. Businessmen who have newly met still make it a habit to exchange cards. These business cards stay in a special cards case which businessmen and professionals usually look through whenever they need a particular service. Business cards are therefore great ways build business contacts.

Trade Shows and Bazaars

Businessmen usually go to trade shows and bazaars to sell products. However, trade shows and bazaars have a residual function: they provide exposure and publicity. They are another of the off line methods of advertising.

Therefore, whenever an opportunity to join trade shows and bazaars present itself, you must take advantage. You may not make many sales, but you will certainly create an impression. People who frequent bazaars will get to know your brand. Trade shows also provide an opportunity to give your brochures and your business cards away.

Media Interviews and Press Releases

Some of the most prominent off line methods of advertising are print and broadcast advertising. These are both effective methods, but they are also very expensive ones. If you can therefore get print or broadcast advertising for free, then you should. One way of getting some, real estate, in the paper or some airtime in the radio and TV is by getting interviewed and releasing regular press statements.

To get interviewed, you can contact a reporter and announce a new activity or a big promotional event. You can also express a controversial politic al stand so that you can be interviewed, and you can somewhat mention your business or your services in passing. Other ways to get the limelight is to become an active participant of large, highly publicized events.

Off Line Consulting – Backyard Marketing Tips

Backyard Marketing –

Have you any idea our popular your internet marketing skills are to companies and small business out in the offline world. The offline world is crying out for help with their online marketing strategies. Ninety nine percent of Brick and mortar small businesses are the ones who are lagging behind trying to keep up with their online presence.

They are so busy spending their time running their day to day business and they never have the time stop and focus and learn the skills necessary to stay on top of the online game that helps bring increased traffic to their business.

If you are an internet marketer you are in the right position to provide a service as a consultant to help these businesses offline and that is where the term backyard marketing comes from. To get ourselves extra business we only have to look in our own backyard.

The Growth of Offline Consulting

Offline consulting has grown enormously over the last few years and will continue to grow and have a steady upward growth for years to come. There is a term going around the internet circles calling it “The New Rich”. Most small business have a web presence now days but have no one qualified enough to maintain their site and look after the marketing side of things.

With the correct elements set in place they should be getting extra traffic to their business and creating a stronger branding presence. There are numerous ways you are able to sell your offline consulting services like monthly contract, weekly rate, hourly rate, fixed term package or profit sharing from results.

My Top Email Marketing Tips

Email marketing is exploding in popularity among both small and large organizations. After all, it’s a cost effective way to achieve marketing goals. Some companies harness the power of email marketing to send out
frequent daily updates, while others send out a traditional monthly newsletter. Regardless of the frequency of objective, the research clearly indicates that email is a viable platform for spreading your
message and communicating to your customers.

Build a High Quality Mailing List

Your mailing list or contact list is the backbone of your email marketing
initiative. A good mailing list can lead to exceptional results and a
bad mailing list can make you wonder if anyone is even reading your
email. In a day and age where spam concerns are at an all-time high, it
is even more important that you have a high quality opt-in (preferably
double opt-in) mailing list to ensure that people do not classify your
message as spam. These days most ISPs assign the email marketer a
reputation score. Even a few bad apples on your mailing list (people
that call your message spam) can hurt your reputation.

Select a Good “Email Subject” and a Well Known “From Name”
At the point when your email marketing effort lands in somebody’s inbox, they can frequently just see the name of the sender and the subject. This makes those two bits of the email marketing confound inconceivably vital. These two things can be the ‘make it or break it’ element for whether your crusade is a win or not. An engaging headline can provoke your beneficiary’s advantage so they open your email and read your substance. A dreary headline can make individuals skim over your message or erase it without seeing your clench hand line of substance.

Quality written substance is the final deciding factor; Make Your Email Worth Reading

Nowadays, individuals are more in a rush than any time in recent memory. With just 24 hours in every day, requesting that individuals set aside an ideal opportunity to peruse your email completely might really be asking a great deal. In any case, in the event that you are going to expect that from your group of onlookers, then you better be arranged to convey some convincing substance. In the event that your email is exhausting, dry, obsolete or outright pointless, then your gathering of people may not give you another opportunity. Commonly, emails with below average substance see expanded unsubscribe demands, while emails with convincing substance encounters expanded readership.

Email marketing is a sort of direct advanced marketing device that makes utilization of electronic mail with the end goal of conveyance of business message. Email marketing is picking up prominence nowadays with the utilization of web. Subsequently, it is utilized as a part of various courses to construct client reliability or trust, making brand mindfulness among the potential clients, organization notices, procuring, changing over and holding the clients and in addition for imparting limited time offers.

There are basically two sorts of email marketing:

Direct emails

The motivation behind direct email is singularly to convey a limited time message like the declaration of some unique offer or dispatching of the new inventory of items. Before sending these special emails, the organization’s first gather the rundown of potential client and prospect email addresses so that direct message limited time messages can be send. Moreover, these organizations additionally lease a rundown of email locations from the administration organizations.

Value-based emails

These emails are fundamentally produced on a client’s activity with an organization. These messages may incorporate dropped wicker container messages, buy or request affirmation emails and in addition email receipts. The prime capacity of these emails is to pass on the data identified with the activity that activated it. On the other hand, value-based emails are a brilliant open door with a specific end goal to draw in the clients as it has high open rates. The value-based emails attempt to present s well as develop the email associations with clients or with the endorsers, to answer the inquiries, to cross offer or to up offer the items and in addition administrations.

Email Marketing

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How To Build A List Using Your Blog

Even though it remains the oldest platform on the internet, email is the most cost-effective and efficient way to enhance your online marketing. Arguably, it represents the most straightforward and direct means of reaching your clients and others who are most interested in your content. After all, if a prospective client visits your blog and opts-in to receive email notifications from you, then you are pretty sure that he/she is highly motivated to get in touch with you!

With the vast number of online marketing platforms currently available, it can be a daunting task to select the best method that can potentially fulfill your marketing needs. Many companies usually spend lots of their resources and time to create huge followers on social media in a bid to generate traffic. Even though such a move can potentially make your business fairly more impressive, there is a great chance it won’t result in direct sales. Email marketing, consequently, has been used for ages and shows no visible signs of deteriorating. Email lists offer you an opportunity to communicate directly with your clients, allowing you to create a long-term relationship with them. What’s more, email marketing can be used together with social media, content marketing as well as other inbound marketing methods.

So why should you create a list?

Email is flexible and very personal.

We all know that social media is essential to growing an engaged and profitable business or blog. It connects you to your audience, allowing you to share contents, and drives traffic to your website. However, social media does have one huge problem: You have no control over it!

Apparently, email is the most personal medium of communication. You do control your email newsletter, you can treat your inbox like a sacred space, and you can decide on what to share with your audience without any restrictions. Equally, email promotes one-on-one conversations, and this implies that it can result in deeper customer engagement and understanding. So, when your prospective client permits you to email him, he is confirming that he not only trusts you, but values your work as well.

Email boasts of a relatively more extensive reach.

Research has proven that email boasts three times the fan base of both Twitter and Facebook combined. A significant number of customers use email on a daily basis. Simply put, this massive user base implies that the probability of finding your ideal audience are very much higher compared to the other marketing platforms.

It has a relatively bigger rate of conversion.

It has been proven that email boasts the highest click-through-rate, which currently stands at three percent. If you ever dreamt of selling your products or services on your website faster, then you must have a list.

Many consumers prefer email.

Many individuals use media platforms to interact with others but usually use their email accounts for business-related events. This is because email is reasonably more professional, and a great platform to send and acquire marketing-related information and other related offerings. In fact, research has proven that more than 70% of consumers prefer to get promotional-related information through email as opposed to 15% that prefer social media.

Now that you have known the importance of having a list, it would be an excellent idea to explore some of the most effective ways which you can adopt to build a commanding email list using your blog. One reason why many online marketers usually don’t build email marketing funnels is that building a list can be overwhelming at times. In this section, let’s discuss some practical blogging tips which are key to creating your email list.

Customize your calls-to-action: You can get more email subscribers from your blog posts by

personalizing your calls-to-action. How you create and design your offer plays a huge role in making your readers to pause and enter their email contacts. You would want to develop your call-to-action uniquely so that it stands out on your site. Equally, it should be noticeable and must look good and rhyme with the rest of your website’s design. Finally, you need to use direct and exciting copy to describe your lead magnet, ensuring that your potential clients will want it. You can use applications such as Email List Builder to customize the texts and colors of your call to action button in such a way that it matches your brand and attracts the attention of your readers.

Create effective lead magnates: Arguably, lead magnates remain a critical aspects of building your email list. Typically, a lead magnate refers to an offer to attract clients to join your list. Simply put, it is the primary reason why consumers might want to sign up for more emails from you. It means that you must carefully select what you are going to offer through your posts. Without an efficient lead magnet, your offer will likely sound irrelevant and vague. Create something that is specific and valuable which gives users an incentive to sign up.

Create many op-in points on your blog: Of course, no one can sign up for your email list if he/she is not aware that it exists in the place. Your website houses lots of content, and this implies that one link at the top of a page is likely to be ignored by your readers. Instead, create many opportunities for your users to join your list throughout your site’s design and the posts themselves. Typically, an opt-in point is a form which readers use to provide their email contacts. The best locations to put your opt-in forms may include, your blog’s sidebar, your site header or footer, within the body of a post and perhaps a dedicated page on your website.

Always strive to build a close relationship with your readers: Customers don’t just read your posts to get entertained with tips and stories. They always would want to know and engage with the person who created that amazing content. For you to build a long email list, you must create that personal touch. It’s not enough to just reply to various comments. Be highly active in your comments, be more in-depth and comprehensive in your responses and provide as much value and detail in responding to the comments on your blog. It is an opportunity to build a personal relationship with your readers who will, in turn, become subscribers.

Play close attention to buyer-oriented keywords: Keyword research is a critical factor to consider, especially when trying to combine email marketing with blogging. On most occasions, marketers focus on keywords which are likely to generate the most search results. However, it is a fact that high volume keywords don’t always result in high conversion rates. Instead, you should focus on keywords which are relevant and vital to your audience and your conversion goal. For instance, if you want to build a list to promote various vegan products, it would be a great idea to use keywords that match your goals such as a vegan e-book, free vegan meal recipes but not keywords such as vegan news and perhaps vegan benefits.

The Bottom Line.

Email remains the easiest and the cheapest online marketing strategy. If you want to create an email list using your blog, I have given you some useful tips to apply. Focusing your effort and time on having a list is an overwhelming process but one which will ultimately pay off.

How to Create a Simple Video

How to Create a Simple Video To Market Your Business on Social Media

If you are wondering: Do I really need videos on my website? Well, the answer to that question is solely dependent on how badly you want to improve your web traffic. Let’s face it, video marketing has taken the internet by storm.

In fact, if you look at the statistics behind video campaigns, you will be baffled by how powerful web clips have become. If you don’t believe it, check this out. Recent studies show that:

  •  Pages with videos improve conversion rates by 80
  •  Almost 85% of businesses can attest to the fact that videos provide great ROI (Return on Investment)
  • Almost 50% of online users claim that videos give them the confidence they need to make purchases onlin
  •  A web page with videos is 53 times likely to rank highly on Google and other SERPs
  • Videos attract more mobile traffic
  • 68% of web users prefer watching rather than reading

You can find more stats about video marketing here ( https://www.insivia.com/28-video-stats-2018 )

Evidently, – from the statistical figures above – online videos have become a very compelling form of marketing. And that’s why it’s imperative to have them on your website especially if you want to get more traffic. The fact that you can use a free video software to make your very own clips, makes it even better.

In this article, you will learn how to create a simple video to market on the internet and social media. But, before we do that, here are:

A Few Awesome Benefits of Video Marketing

1. Videos Boost Your Search Engine Ranking

As stated above, videos often increase your chances of being ranked at the top of Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). So, how do you benefit from this? Well, search engines account for most of any websites organic traffic.

This means that if you rank highly on them, then you’ll get more people sent to your website. And that’s why webmasters have been putting a lot of time and effort into their site’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization). The bottom line here is that your web traffic will improve.

2. Video Clips Inspire Sharing

Did you know that more than 90% of mobile users share videos with their friends? This is probably one of the reasons why web clips often go viral and one more reason why you should use videos to drive more traffic to your website. Note that with each share, your site’s fan base grows and traffic increases.

3. A Video Builds Confidence

Web clips often engage viewers while invoking emotions and offering invaluable information. This, in turn, builds trust between you and your visitors hence improving your site’s conversion rates. If you run an e-commerce website, then you are probably familiar with the importance of this.

Trust always forms the basis of any interaction between users and your website. Obviously, you won’t be able to grow your site’s traffic if your target audience doesn’t trust you. So basically, more trust equals more traffic.

4. Videos Are for Everyone

The best part about using a simple video to market your business is that anyone can view it. This means that everyone – including lazy readers and those wanting to see your products in action – can see and understand what your business is all about with ease.

In fact, the easier it is to understand a video clip, the higher the chances of it being shared around eventually earning you more visitors and better conversion rates.

Truth is, the benefits of video marketing are too many to list and anyone serious about getting more traffic has to try it, all you need is a little knowledge and a free video software to make your first video.

So, would you like to create a web clip? If so, here’s a simple guide on how to create a simple video to market on the internet and social media! You’ll be surprised at how easy it is.

How to Create a Simple Video to Market Your Business on YouTube or Social Media

In case you are wondering: Why YouTube and Social Media? With, over 1.5 billion monthly users – a third of the total number of internet users in the world – YouTube is the world’s largest video sharing site. This makes it a great avenue to market your business.

Now, if you think YouTube is big, social media statistics will knock you off your feet. One thing is for sure, almost every internet user in on one or more social platforms.

That’s why posting your video on these platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Snapchat – just to mention a few – is always a great way to increase traffic to your website.

With that in mind, here’s how to create a simple video to market on the internet and social media using a free video editor:



1. Ensure It Is Short and Punchy

Many people love videos, but not all of them are patient enough to wait until the end. In most cases, a web user loses interest in a video within the first 10 seconds of viewing. Therefore, when creating your video, make sure you include the most important parts at the beginning of the clip.

2. Try to Relate to The Viewer

Unless it’s a funny clip, you are probably trying to sell something or to pass a message to the viewer. But, does the message relate to them? A study shows that irrelevant videos are prone to high bouncing rates.

That’s why, after you have identified your target group, the next step is to find something that relates to them. It is the connection they feel to the video clip that prompts them to share or refer others to your website.

Find a Way to Encourage Purchases without Sounding Too Salesy

Yes, the primary objective of the video marketing campaign may be to motivate viewers to buy something, but this must be done in a way that doesn’t scare them away. To achieve this, you should focus more on presenting facts about your product – whether good or bad (but mostly good) – while giving the user the chance to decide if they are going to buy the product. Being too salesy is the same as trapping your viewers in a confined space – the pressure will definitely influence their decision negatively.

Make Sure the Video Looks Appealing and Possibly Humorous

A visually appealing video always attracts interest while humor adds a little fun to it. Note that for video marketing and lead conversion to be successful, the client must be comfortable. That’s why you have to ensure that the video has a smooth flow of information, it’s entertaining and visually amusing.

Make Sure the Video Is Optimized for Search Engines

From the title to the tags, everything about the video has to be search optimized to make sure that you get to tap into the organic traffic provided by search engines. Ensure the video description is detailed and well spelled out.

Best Free Video Editor List

To create awesome videos without having to buy the video software you can use one of the following options:

1. Hitfilm Express – This is a robust free video editor with professional-grade tools. The software also offers you the chance to upgrade to it paid version that comes with extra and more advanced features.

2. Lightworks – this is also one of the best video editors available. It offers you with all the tools you need to make an awesome video. It also has a pro-version too which is feature packed.

3. WeVideo – If you are more comfortable using a free video editor without having to install it into your PC, then this cloud-based editor is just what you need. WeVideo offers you amazing features including audio editing, 4k resolution and a library of commercially licensed audio clips.

4. Shotcut – This is also a free video software. The fact that it’s an open source software, means that it is absolutely free. Unfortunately, its interface may be a bit tricky for newbies. But, with a little practice, this tool can be used to created stunning videos too.

There you have it! Everything you need to know about video marketing and how it influences traffic flow to your site. From this, it’s quite easy to see how beneficial it is to have videos on your site. With the right information (detailed above) and tools (a free video editor), you have everything you need to create your first simple video.

Tips on How to do Video Marketing

Online video marketing are of much help for the individuals in providing the best kind of exposure. This is a good way through which the products or the services provided by the individuals get the maximum exposure possible. It is important for any companies to think about the new techniques that can provide them with the maximum exposure. There are so many benefits that the individuals get in making use of the online video marketing. Understand the benefits and then try to use this methodology for providing your products or services with the maximum exposure possible.

Stand Unique

The online video marketing are the best methods through which you can get your company add unique from the rivals in the market. It is always important for the companies to try out the best methods through which they can easily get the attention of the customers. The unique methods of advertising can always help the companies in coming up with great ideas that are unique so that they get the maximum possible exposure in the marker. Having some creative ideas for the promotion of the products is always important for grasping attention so that you get the maximum possible sales.

Create User Interest and Interactivity

The online video marketing are of much help in providing greater interactivity with the customers. There are chances for these marketing to make the users get interested with the products and services provided by the companies. The videos that are produced well with good amount of creativity and uniqueness can help the individuals in having fun. The users can also find these online videos much informative. These marketing can also make the individuals to come back to the same website. Multimedia can always help in getting the finest attention from the users.

Better Ranking in Search Engines

The better online video marketing can help the individuals in getting better rankings for their websites. Most of the individuals find it amazing as the videos can be of greater help than the text content that is present in the website. There are chances for the search engines to provide good ranks for those websites that have got better videos. These good rankings that the websites get can help them in getting maximum exposure. This maximum exposure can increase the conversion rate and thus the maximum possible income out of the website. Getting good rankings in the reputed websites is always important for the individuals.

Make Others Promote You

If you are successful in making online video marketing that are much creative and interesting, then it can grasp the attention of others. When people find your video much amazing, they always share that with their friends so that the video that you have created for the promotion of your product can get better exposure. Making your videos viral is the best way through which you can easily express the things that you want in the better way to the customers of yours.

Instructing and Educating

The online video marketing are the great platforms through which you can easily demonstrate the way the product or the service that you provide work. These videos can be used for easily making the people understand about the products and the way that works. Knowing well about the products and services can help the individuals in easily getting attracted towards the product. It is always necessary for the individuals to make the best profit and get maximum exposure through the videos. These videos can easily reach the public. There are chances for the individuals to make the best use of the video.

Captures Customer’s Attention

The online video marketing can help the companies in capturing the attention of their prospective customers. It is possible for the individuals to get the maximum possible exposure through the videos. These videos can make the people stay on your website for some time. When you increase the duration that the customer spends on your website, you can easily get the products sold. The conversion rate can be increased with the increase in traffic.

Videos can be Easily Searched

It is possible for the individuals to get the best exposure as the online video marketing can be easily searched from the web. When the individuals provide any keyword, they can easily get the videos than the text content available related with the keyword. Most of the customers want to see the product and know the way it works. This can be possible only when you are making good videos that depict the way exactly the product works. This is something that any of the individuals want and most of the companies are producing their own marketing for the purpose. It is better for the individuals to easily create a good video for their products.

Video can be Shared Frequently and Easily

There are chances for you to get the videos related with the products uploaded in youtube. This is the place where many users are available to check out the new videos. If you are able to upload the video in the most effective manner with a good title then it can be much easier for getting it to be noticed by the people and they can share that with their friends. These videos can easily help the individuals in providing their product with maximum possible exposure. These videos are the best and funniest way to make the people know about the services and products of yours.

Real Time Interaction and Feedback

There are chances for the online video marketing to provide the individuals with interaction and feedback in real time. It is a very known fact that people always love to comment over the videos. This can be much more effective than the articles that you post on the website of yours. Getting feedback and also interaction from the customers can easily help the individuals for better feedback. There are chances for measuring videos too. This is a great job in telling how successful the videos are.