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I’m John Wrightson the owner of this blog, I live in the United Kingdom Berkshire, Slough not far from London and Windsor Castle. I have been an internet marketer and entrepreneur since 2008 working part/time from home, I’m also a professional Heavy Goods Driver since the year 2000 . I have been involved in many enterprises online and off-line. I’ve made money and I’ve also lost some money but that’s the trials of becoming an internet marketer it’s a learning curve.

So yes I understand how overwhelming it can be for experienced and newbies alike coming onto the scene looking for online opportunities and ways to market.  This can be a very difficult and a daunting task to finding the right opportunity and the right way to market online that suits you most. I found many opportunities I joined in the past were difficult to duplicate and complicated to learn and didn’t give me the freedom I was looking for with my time.

That was until I came across the “The Action Power Team” never in my many years of marketing have I ever come across a system that made it so easy and simple to make money online as I have with this amazing system. It doesn’t matter if you have no internet experience this system does most of the work, the telling and selling.  Basically all you have to do is send traffic to your capture pages or websites, because once a prospect takes the 7 day free trial the system kicks in and does the telling and selling for you.

Which brings me back to this blog, and the reason why I created it. Well that’s simple I want to share my knowledge with my team and guide them through the basics of marketing online. Trust me when I say you don’t have to be an expert with this system anyone can do it even you newbies. I created this blog to help the newbies to get to grips with the basics of marketing online and to teach my team how to grow. Most pages and posts are accessible by anyone on this site, but there will be some posts and pages that are only accessible to team members only of The Power Action Team and (GDI) for training purposes.

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 Find The Time To Enjoy Live Join The Team Join GDI