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The Simplest Guide to Understanding Pay per Click Advertising

Pay Per Click advertising, also known as PPC or SEM (search engine marketing), is a huge industry that is widely utilized by both small and large companies from around the globe. Over 91% of large corporations spend over $500,000 on a yearly basis on pay per click advertising  Even small business owners are coming increasingly aware of the power of PPC marketing, investing more and more in short term pay per click strategies.

To make it easier for you to understand what pay per click is like, I will showcase some of my experiences in this industry, pointing out some mistakes I’ve made along the way together with a few accomplishments that have propelled me forward and made me leverage the power of this marketing technique for my company.

What is PPC?

Essentially, pay per click is a marketing model that enables you as an advertiser to promote your brand, products or services to your prospects who are interested in what you have to offer. As an advertiser, you are only charged when a prospect clicks your link, visits your site or accepts your offer.

With PPC, you pay money to get ahead of your direct competitors and get listed in front of your potential customers. At the other side of the spectrum, SEO (Search engine optimization) ranks your website organically on Google and helps you get free organic traffic.

Types of PPC Campaigns

While in the past people used to refer only to Google when talking about PPC campaigns, today the wide concept of PPC or SEM features many other platforms, including YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn and even Twitter. You can also use display and retargeting campaigns to get in front of your prospects with ease.

Basically, you have multiple channels you can use to reach your target audience. As for the types of PPC campaigns used, each vendor has its separate settings you can use. For instance, on Google AdWords you can create ads for the search or display networks, or you can try designing
video, mobile or call-only ads to reach specific customers on Google’s partner network. Remarketing campaigns are also an excellent way to get your message in front of people interested in your business, and convince them to come back on your site and buy from you.

On Facebook, you can create a wide range of campaigns in order to meet your goals. You can send people to your website, grow your business page with links, boost posts, promote an event, marketing an app or reach new people through Facebook’s new brand awareness tool.

You can practically do PPC on almost all social networks now, and on hundreds of other large sites. The marketing possibilities are endless. However, I strongly recommend to start with Facebook and Google for B2C and LinkedIn, Facebook and Google for B2B companies.

PPC is not just about Google, and it’s definitely not just about keywords. For instance, on Facebook you can target people by interests, age, location and search preferences. Google only allows you to target your audience by location.

Benefits of PPC

PPC gives you the unique opportunity to drive targeted traffic to your site extremely fast. You can create a well-designed PPC campaign in less than a few hours with enough skill, and your ads will start showing within minutes. PPC allows you to boost your brand visibility and promote your company locally.

Through PPC advertising, you can generate a reliable stream of income. For instance, our company generated over 70% of the profit through PPC in the first year, until the website got to the first search page on Google.

Another reason to start investing in PPC today is that Google, Facebook and other advertisement platforms are offering  special benefits to long-term advertisers, which come in form of incentives, reduced cost, higher ranking, better bidding positions and minimum ROI guaranteed.

PPC – Invest in the Future

With PPC, you are investing in the future of your company. Become an expert in PPC and SEM and take your company to the next level.

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