Your Untapped Market – Off-Line Marketing

Its only human nature to follow the “crowd” and it happens in all walks of
life including marketing. When starting your business you get your website up and running and then it’s a case of how am I going to get traffic to my site.

How am I going to market my site.

You already know the answer. You have surfed the net and come across such things as Google AdWords with search engine optimization and pay per click. E-mail marketing, directory submission, link building. The list goes  on.

Everybody else is doing it so it must be good, it must be the way to market your business.

There’s nothing wrong with marketing on-line, it does work, but….. Look at the competition you have. Look at the costs involved. For example, Google AdWords, what a great concept. Well to start with it was. Now, everybody is doing it the price of keywords is such that it’s a case of the more money you have to throw at it the better you will do.

That’s okay if you’re a large company. But for a one man/woman business it’s not always cost effective.

Consider an alternative. Off-line Marketing. Its relatively cheap, no competition and there are many ways to reach potential customers. Business cards, flyers, postcards/drop-cards, car stickers, lawn signs, rubber stamps, window decals.

The list goes on.

These methods are grass roots marketing. This is how people would promote their business before the internet came along. In fact I know of one husband and wife couple who would use these methods to promote their business, and… they even had a huge banner, over 8 feet long hanging on their front garden fence promoting their business. Needless to say their monthly income is now over $27,000/month.

Take a look at your local area. Where would the “hot spots” be? Well it’s your local area so only you can answer that. I live in a seaside resort, every week during the summer months there is a huge influx of people on vacation. I simply go round the car parks and tuck a business card between the glass and the rubber seal on the driver’s window.

Getting out and about with grass root marketing also has the added benefit of giving you good exercise. And, if you’re the outgoing type of person meeting people face to face and just talking can bring results, and friendships.

Whether you decide to market on-line or off-line you will still have to invest your time and money to generate traffic. You have to decide which is the most cost effective for you.

Off-line methods of advertising

While it’s true that internet marketing brings a lot of advantages, it’s not wise to neglect off line methods altogether. While it’s true that more and more people are using the internet, internet penetration is far from universal and complete. The best advertising strategy is still an amalgamation of both online and off line techniques. The following is an enumeration of some cheap or free marketing off-line methods of advertising.

Business Card Advertising

Among all off line methods of advertising, this is perhaps the cheapest. If you don’t wish to pay others to do them for you, you can make your business cards yourself with the help of a good concept, a reliable graphics editor, a color printer, and special paper.

Aside from being inexpensive, business cards are pretty powerful. Businessmen who have newly met still make it a habit to exchange cards. These business cards stay in a special cards case which businessmen and professionals usually look through whenever they need a particular service. Business cards are therefore great ways build business contacts.

Trade Shows and Bazaars

Businessmen usually go to trade shows and bazaars to sell products. However, trade shows and bazaars have a residual function: they provide exposure and publicity. They are another of the off line methods of advertising.

Therefore, whenever an opportunity to join trade shows and bazaars present itself, you must take advantage. You may not make many sales, but you will certainly create an impression. People who frequent bazaars will get to know your brand. Trade shows also provide an opportunity to give your brochures and your business cards away.

Media Interviews and Press Releases

Some of the most prominent off line methods of advertising are print and broadcast advertising. These are both effective methods, but they are also very expensive ones. If you can therefore get print or broadcast advertising for free, then you should. One way of getting some, real estate, in the paper or some airtime in the radio and TV is by getting interviewed and releasing regular press statements.

To get interviewed, you can contact a reporter and announce a new activity or a big promotional event. You can also express a controversial politic al stand so that you can be interviewed, and you can somewhat mention your business or your services in passing. Other ways to get the limelight is to become an active participant of large, highly publicized events.

Off Line Consulting – Backyard Marketing Tips

Backyard Marketing –

Have you any idea our popular your internet marketing skills are to companies and small business out in the offline world. The offline world is crying out for help with their online marketing strategies. Ninety nine percent of Brick and mortar small businesses are the ones who are lagging behind trying to keep up with their online presence.

They are so busy spending their time running their day to day business and they never have the time stop and focus and learn the skills necessary to stay on top of the online game that helps bring increased traffic to their business.

If you are an internet marketer you are in the right position to provide a service as a consultant to help these businesses offline and that is where the term backyard marketing comes from. To get ourselves extra business we only have to look in our own backyard.

The Growth of Offline Consulting

Offline consulting has grown enormously over the last few years and will continue to grow and have a steady upward growth for years to come. There is a term going around the internet circles calling it “The New Rich”. Most small business have a web presence now days but have no one qualified enough to maintain their site and look after the marketing side of things.

With the correct elements set in place they should be getting extra traffic to their business and creating a stronger branding presence. There are numerous ways you are able to sell your offline consulting services like monthly contract, weekly rate, hourly rate, fixed term package or profit sharing from results.