My Recommended Safelists

Below are all the Safelists I use and recommend, when joining a safelist  make sure you join for FREE at the beginning. I normally join Free and when I next log-in I will take advantage of any special offers on life-time memberships. ( I very rarely pay monthly subscriptions for safelists).

If your going to upgrade in any safelist I would recommend taking advantage of their life-time offers this way you don’t have to pay monthly subscriptions.  (After all we are all in this to make money not spend it all).Don’t upgrade all of them at the same time, just do one a month or whenever you can afford to. You can still post to free accounts  by clicking on emails and earning credits to use to post your own adds.

Just remember the rule of the thumb don’t spend what you don’t have make a budget keep control.

Before you create accounts with these safelists I recommend you creating a couple of new gmail accounts. One for your lists emails and one for your accounts emails for these safelists.

(“Oh” before I forget Make sure you keep a note of all your log-in details).

Free safelist mailer

European safelistSafelist Extreme

Quick MailzList AuctionTarget SafelistActive SafelistList MillionDaily Credit MailerThe Money List MailerSafelist ProNorthern Mailer

Traffic Annhilator

Mighty Mouse Mailer



Avalaunch Safelist

Free Safe List King

For Serious Marketers Only

Global Matrix Mailer

Worldwide Mailer

Mail Our List

Super Solo Ads

Land Marketing Mailer

List Builder Mayhem

Bigfoot Mailer

SMG Mailer

Midnight Sun Safelist

Host Crusher LLC Mailer

Smashing Viral Mailer

Global Viral Mailer

Premier List Builder

Blazing Hot Viral Mailer

Active Safelist

A mailer that writes compelling emails for you

Come back soon more safelists to be added!